Nov. 22, 2008

VINPROM KARNOBAT makes wines of distinct identity

VINPROM KARNOBAT makes wines of distinct identity

Mrs. Nikolova, how did Vinprom Karnobat conclude the harvesting drive? What new varieties have you relied on and how did the dry and hot summer affect the yield?

The harvest from our vineyards has been excellent this year. Indeed, the dry and hot summer did affect the yield but this was made up for by the quality. The grapes are better and healthier compared to previous years. This year is the first time that Vinprom Karnobat has harvested and vinified the exotic French variety Viognier. It will be a sensation at the market for white wines, vintage 2008. It is also the first time that we are harvesting the red variety Cabernet Franc, which is new for the country. This is also the second yield year for the Syrah, which drew the connoisseurs’ attention in 2007; as of this year, it has a guaranteed designation of origin. It is yet another year for us to be harvesting some red varieties of worldwide renown, with Pinot Noir, Gamay de Bouze, and Primitivo being among them.

What strategies will you apply to maintain your leading market position?

To be the leader you need to have a clear-cut and comprehensive development strategy. Over the last five years Vinprom Karnobat ensured for itself all the conditions required for the making of high-grade wines and brandies. We created a closed production cycle - from the raw material to the finished product. We have more than 15 000 decares of proprietary vineyards, whose condition is monitored year-round. This enables us to get the best grapes. We also exercise strict control over the yield. We possess the most state-of-the-art where more than EUR 17 mln. have been invested. Some of these funds have been provided under EU programs. Our production complex has the capacity to process 15 000 tons of grapes per year and produce 11 000 tons of high-grade wines and brandies. The equipment has been procured from leading European companies – the Swedish Alpha Laval and the Italian Vello and Diemme. To reach maximum production capacity, we undertook the fourth successive expansion of the production complex in 2008. Apart from technology, we also invested in the human capital. Vinprom Karnobat employs a team of highly skilled technologists and agronomists, who on a daily basis shoulder the most important mission – turning the good yield into high-grade wines and brandies.


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