Feb. 09, 2014

Ancient-style pruning bestows jasmine aroma to Perlova rakia

Ancient-style pruning bestows jasmine aroma to Perlova rakia

Perlova (Pearl) rakia originating from the Karnobat vineyards is amazingly fragrant and drinkable due to an ancient custom that has been applied by the famed local makers for millennia now. This method endows the grapes with heavenly aromas of jasmine, Rose de Mai, and daffodil bud, ensuring excellent ripeness and high sugar content. The agronomists shared that the terroir whereon Vinprom Karnobat plants the vines for Perlova, has unique features, and the sunshine, soils, and climate there are optimal for growing high-grade Bulgarian varieties.

The exclusive brandy is distilled in unique silvered still, which, through electrolysis from within, preserve its exceptional aromas and at the same time refine it to perfection. The rich flowery bouquet is extracted by fermenting the grapes with their skin on in the course of 15 days, at very low temperatures. Maturing it in old, dogwood casks makes the taste full and balanced, with richness and softness characteristic of the most select distillates.

St. Trypho’s Day was intentionally chosen to initiate the youngest Karnobat vine-growers in the subtleties of the variety, which has convinced connoisseurs to choose Perlova for their table. On the festive day Vinprom Karnobat announced the initiative entitled Knowing the Tradition, which will enable students from the local Technical School of Vine-Growing and Winemaking to master valuable professional skills. The most proficient among the future agronomists were declared Masters of the Tradition and got the opportunity to master the ancient vine-pruning custom. It has been passed from generation to generation in the Karnobat area, with the oldest practicing vine-grower being 82. The agronomists said that he personally trained them once and they were now passing the valuable knowledge to their future disciples.

The Knowing the Tradition project is not just an initiation into work and care for the land for the young Karnobat citizens. We believe that the best way to preserve the millennial tradition of the Karnobat area is to pass it on to our children. This is the way for us to convince them that the vineyards and wine-cellars of the Karnobat area are the places where their knowledge will be appreciated and their talent will find room for expression“, said Desislava Nikolova, CEO of Vinprom Karnobat, reiterating that the educated and well-trained staff is Vinprom Karnobat’s most valuable asset.


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