Feb. 15, 2016

Karnobat’s vine growers and vintners united in a coop

Karnobat’s vine growers and vintners united in a coop
Vintners and winemakers of Karnobat will now together cultivate the vineyards and approach general markets for their wines and rakias. On St. Trifon’s Day, “Karnobat Winery” reached out to the local farmers in order to revive the Vintners-winemakers coop “Karnobat” established in the 20th century. The coop consist of the grape growers from the villages Ognen and Venets nearby Karnobat, the oenologists from “Minkov Brothers”, the farmers of Lozenets and Devetak, “Grozden” cellar, winegrowers from Zhitosvyat and Iskra, ET “Agrokomers” as well as ET “Zlaten Grozd” Karnobat.

The coop will protect small farmers’ interests while guaranteeing worthy price for their harvest. The purpose is achieving a closed circle of production – from planting and growing the vineyards, through grape processing within the cellars, to joint sales of Karnobat wines and rakias at much better prices, domestically as well as on the international markets. The fellow tenants’ mission is to protect the local production from unfair competition and to fight for the regional beverages to gain the place they deserve in restaurants, shops and store chains.

The winemakers from the coop will provide winegrowers with agricultural machinery and the agronomists will advise them how to farm the massifs ecologically and to extract the best from the unique Karnobat nature. The vine harvest will be performed with grape harvesters of “Karnobat Winery” and for the limited wine selections, the “Minkov Brothers” technologists will organize manual harvest of each grape variety at the optimal time. The coop’s massifs will be provided with year-round security guards, which should protect from raids of thieves and illegal purchasers.

The members of the Vintners-winemakers coop will mutually develop wine tourism using the rich historical, archaeological and architectural heritage of the Karnobat region. Resulting of the collaboration, it is expected over 150 new jobs for highly qualified oenologists and agricultural specialists to be opened in the area, which will contribute to bringing young people back to their birthplace. On St. Trifon’s Day, the municipality Mayor Georgi Dimitrov pointed out that modern viticulture and winemaking occur where the people are united and work for the common cause. He addressed the farmers from the “Karnobat” Vintners-winemakers coop with the famous Khan Kubrat behest: “While all of you – farmers and winemakers are together and support each other like vine bundles, no one can defeat you. Know that strength rests on unity”. The CEO of “Karnobat Winery” Dessislava Nikolova said that settlements with highly developed culture are built only where the people support and help each other. She reminded that a hundred years ago Bulgaria’s economical pickup was tied closely to the consolidation of farms and the teamwork.

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