Feb. 15, 2015

Vinprom Karnobat entrusts “the key to longevity” to the youngest makers of the ETHNO wines

Vinprom Karnobat entrusts “the key to longevity” to the youngest makers of the ETHNO wines
Vinprom Karnobat entrusted to the talented young winemakers of the Karnobat area its fertile vineyards planted with one of the most remarkable Bulgarian varieties – Rubin. When autumn comes they will put its grapes into the wonder-working ETHNO Syrah & Rubin wine, which contains the highest measure of “the key to longevity”, which is how the magical antioxidant resveratrol is more popularly known. A number of enologists and doctors affirm that the blend has the property of protecting health, extending life, fighting diseases, and rejuvenating the body. And that is not the end of it. State-of-the-art research indicates that the wines of the Rubin and Syrah varieties enhance concentration, activate creative potential, and boost optimism. It is not by chance that ETHNO Syrah & Rubin is a favorite with our artistic elite. The cherished substance is contained in the grape skin but in order for its beneficial properties to manifest, the vineyards must be cultivated without artificial fertilizers and preparations. This is precisely the philosophy of Vinprom Karnobat – plant only in environmentally clean areas, where the fertile soils, moderate climate, and optimal sunlight ensure that the grapes will get the best out of the unique terroir. This is why the ETHNO wines are favored by those practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Driven to make the successful and remarkable young people of Karnobat into role models, on the Tryphon Zarezan feast day the leading producers lent them a helping hand within the Believe in Bulgaria initiative. It aims at supporting education, opening new jobs, and motivating young people to apply their skills in the home place of Karnobat. School leavers from the Secondary School of Agriculture were introduced to the subtleties of sophisticated viniculture by enologists and agronomists of Vinprom Karnobat. The most skilled among them clipped the leading producer’s vines – as soon as they leave the school desk, they will become part of the team making the ETHNO wines, said Desislava Nikolova, the CEO. On St. Tryphon’s feast day, the prospective winemakers learned an ancient ritual of how to clip the Karnobat vines. It gives the beloved Bulgarian variety Rubin the inimitable and gentle aroma of forest violets. The treasured flavor is peerless on both the Bulgarian and international markets and turns the elegant blend of ETHNO Syrah & Rubin into one of the classiest wines.

This year’s excelling young winemakers are another group to whom Vinprom Karnobat extends a welcoming hand. Five years ago, a group of ambitious young people, united in their care for nature and their love for Bulgaria, displayed the power of the homegrown varieties to the world. Apart from Rubin, varieties like Dimiat, Muscat Blanc, Perle du Csaba, Muscat, and Mavrud now ripen in the vineyards. Talented enologists blended them with elite international varieties and thus laid the foundations of the ETHNO, which, according to connoisseurs, successfully dictate the wine trends in our country.

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