Feb. 14, 2023

Celebration of St. Trifon

Celebration of St. Trifon

On 14th of February, during the celebration of the holiday of all vine-growers and winemakers - "Trifon Zarezan", the management of "Vinprom Karnobat" announced the news that it continues to help successful students from high schools in the city of Karnobat.

Investments in education have always been among the priorities of Vinprom Karnobat. Driven by our desire to motivate young people, to develop their intellectual and professional skills, we established annual awards for successful students from the high schools in Karnobat. They are awarded to students with high achievements in scientific and professional training, during secondary and professional education. The honors will be awarded in May 2023 - at the end of the school year. Our goal is to encourage young people to continue working for their personal development.


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