Dec. 04, 2008

Mayors from all ends of the country visit VINPROM KARNOBAT

Mayors from all ends of the country visit VINPROM KARNOBAT

A delegation of the National Association of Municipalities, which is chaired by Dora Yankova, visited Vinprom Karnobat at the invitation of the municipality mayor Georgi Dimitrov to see on site projects funded by the SAPARD program and successfully implemented by the leading winemaker. For the first time local government representatives from the entire political spectrum gathered in one place.

Vinprom Karnobat is a model for successful utilization of SAPARD funds. Over the years the company has invested tens of millions of euro in grapevine plantations and production capacities. Today Vinprom Karnobat is a market leader and the biggest producer of high-grade wines and brandies. More than one thousand jobs have been created. Unemployment is minimized in the Karnobat municipality and young people stay to live and work here," said Georgi Dimitrov, the town mayor.

Dimitar Nikolov, the mayor of Burgas, along with his Association peers, looked at the fourth successive expansion of the company’s primary winemaking. The new investment is worth BGN 6 mln. It is focused entirely on the production of high-grade white and red wines. Thus, Vinprom Karnobat will double its capacity – it will process over 30 000 tons of grapes annually and will produce over 25 mln. liters of wine. The equipment includes new process lines and fermentation facilities – refrigeration plant, presses and vacuum filters. These have been manufactured by leading Italian and French companies. The new production capacity reduces the time required for grape processing helping preserve its taste and flavor characteristics. Increasing the volume of production is aligned to both the yield from the winemaker’s 15 000+ decares of proprietary vineyards, as well as the forthcoming drive for the planting of extra 3 000 decares of white and red varieties. "Through the fourth successive expansion of its production facilities Vinprom Karnobat ensures a totally closed production cycle – from the raw material to the finished product", said Stoyan Stoyanov, the company’s Operations Manager.

After the guests had been introduced to Vinprom Karnobat’s newest investment, they also tastes the unique Cabernet Sauvignon, vintage 2007, made from proprietary vineyards, which won the most esteemed award at Vinaria 2008 - the Golden Rhyton.


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