Jun 09, 2008

Karnobat Grape Brandy made the world realize what „Made in Bulgaria” means

Karnobat Grape Brandy made the world realize what „Made in Bulgaria” means

Karnobat Grape Brandy has become one of the most authentic Bulgarian symbols of tradition and craftsmanship worldwide. The most sold Bulgarian brandy - Karnobat Grape Brandy – has won many fans not just in our country, but in Europe, USA, and Asia.

"It is true that Karnobat Grape Brandy is enjoying huge interest overseas", shared Desislava Nikolova, CEO of Vinprom Karnobat. "It is exactly via its brandy that Bulgaria will gain global renown because it symbolizes the Bulgarian spirit and tradition. We offer our overseas partners a brandy of high quality and unique characteristics, which has won many esteemed awards, among them a gold medal at Vinaria 2007. For more than a year now we have been exporting Karnobat Grape Brandy to markets where hard liquors have traditionally been produced and cherished – England, Spain, Portugal, USA, and Asia. People all over the world now associate our country with the palatable and flavorful Karnobat Grape Brandy, due to which they realized what „Made in Bulgaria" actually means, said Nikolova.

The most sold Bulgarian brandy, Karnobat Grape Brandy, has soft, balanced taste, delicate amber color and intensive flavor of well ripened grapes. It is unique because it is the only brandy made according to authentic recipe from flavorful Bulgarian varieties grown in Vinprom Karnobat’s proprietary vineyards. They are vinified according to the specifics of the Karnobat area, thus, their grapes have unique characteristics. Karnobat Grape Brandy interweaves the tastes and flavors of the best Bulgarian grapes, as well as the love and keenness of the Karnobat craftsmen; this is how the most Bulgarian brandy is winning over more and more fans worldwide.


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