Feb. 10, 2008

What can make a Scot dance a Bulgarian circle dance and eat Bulgarian style spit barbecue?

What can make a Scot dance a Bulgarian circle dance and eat Bulgarian style spit barbecue?

What can make a group of Scots turn Bulgarian style spit barbecue and dance a lively Bulgarian circle dance? The Celts rarely display their emotions and are renowned for being obdurate and extremely composed. It turned out, however, that the severe Scottish character’s frost can easily be melted by the fiery taste of the most Bulgarian beverage – the Karnobat Grape Brandy. It has mesmerized millions of hard liquor fans worldwide, where it is successfully exported. The Scots turned out to be the most captivated by the power of the Karnobat Grape Brandy. Its exclusive taste and rich flavor of fresh ripe grapes from the traditionally Bulgarian varieties Red Muscat and Pamid matched perfectly these austere men. The brandy, which proudly bears the Made in Bulgaria seal, succeeded in making the grim UK citizens feel the Bulgarian originality and spirit and dance to our typical tunes. “If Bulgaria is to become famous worldwide, it would be through the Karnobat Grape Brandy“, say people from the British Isles, who have tasted the traditional Bulgarian beverage made from the proprietary vineyards of Vinprom Karnobat.

The Scots’ new passion for the most Bulgarian brandy also inspired the newest advertising video for Karnobat Grape Brandy. The captivating film was shot with the participation of genuine Scots. Dressed in the typical Scottish kilts, they celebrate with Karnobat Grape Brandy and the traditional Bulgarian spit barbecues, folk music and circle dances. The novel video was shot by the best crew of Sia Advertising headed by the director Dimitar Mitovski and the well-known advertising agency Noble Graphics. “During the two-day shoots the Scotts truly enjoyed themselves. They proved to be very enduring in dancing so our circle dances failed to exhaust them at all. After the shooting was over they even learned to say „Karnobat Grape Brandy“in pure Bulgarian“, told Dimitar Mitovski. The amusing video, which is now played on the highest-rating domestic TV stations, caused a furor in Scotland as well. For several days now the video has been played on giant video screens in Scottish pubs, where Karnobat Grape Brandy is successfully competing with the traditional whisky for a place in the Scottish hearts.


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