May 09, 2007

Karnobat Grape Brandy took the gold medal from „Vinaria 2007“

Karnobat Grape Brandy took the gold medal from „Vinaria 2007“

The beloved of millions of Bulgarians „Karnobat Grape Brandy“ deserved its golden medal and a honourable diploma of this years „Vinaria 2007“. Made by the new crops of own vineyards of the leader in the Bulgarian market „Karnobat Winery“, Karnobat Grape Brandy impressed the jury with its soft, balanced taste, tender golgen colour and even more intensive flavour of well-riped grapes. It is made by authentic recipe from the best branches of the sorts Red Musket, Pamid and Rkatsiteli. It matured in specially made 500 litres barrels from Strandzhan oak, which carefully keeps the taste and the aroma.

The secret of the unique taste of „Karnobat Grape Brandy“ is hidden in the hand down secret from generation to generation of selection and combination of different tastes and flavours, which supplement and enrich one another, turning the drink into a temptation for the ones with lack of enlightment and a fairytail for the ones who have discouvered the magic of the grape drink. One tradition, which we keep received a deserved recognition.


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