May 10, 2007

CHATEAU KARNOBAT Rose 2006 was awarded a gold medal from „Vinaria 2007“

CHATEAU KARNOBAT Rose 2006 was awarded a gold medal from „Vinaria 2007“

This elegant dry wine with irresistable appearance conquered the jury and was deservely aworded a gold medal and a honourable diploma at the time of the 15th presentation of vine-growing and wine-producing in Plovdiv - „Vinaria 2007“.

CHATEAU KARNOBAT Rose 2006 is a classic rose wine, made from selected grapes of the sort Cabarnet Sauvignon of our own vineyards in the Karnobat region. The vivid light-pink colour and the crystal lustre of the wine are due to the specific cultivation of the red grape varieties by vinification technology of the white grapes. That is why the final product weave with a distinct refinement, the fruit character of the white wine and the thickness of the red. The new wine is distinguished with intensive fragrance, with domination of ripe raspberry and strawberry. Its taste is juicy and refreshing with a long fruit finish. Vegetable dishes, pasta, light sausages, white and light red meat cources with flavoured sauce are excellent complement to the elegance of the classic friut CHATEAU KARNOBAT Rose 2006.

Recommended temperature of consumption: 10-12º C


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