The best wines and brandies of "Vinprom Karnobat" are created by using unique techniques that combine ancient wine traditions of Karnobat region with the latest technological developments in which the company constantly invests.

The secret of the famous Karnobat brandies - "Karnobat grape brandy", "Karnobat Muscat brandy", "Karnobat brandy special selection", and the finest brandies "Kehlibar" and "Kehlibar Reserve" is the silver cross which the technologists of "Vinprom Karnobat" every year immerse in cauldrons right after boiling. Silver is the perfect natural way to eliminate residue in the most eco-friendly way and to give the brandy purity, rich taste and strong grape aroma. Thus, the drink is purified to perfection and gets part of the sanctity of the Christian relic. The Karnobat brandies are boiled in unique vessels designed by the leading companies especially for "Vinprom Karnobat". The design of these vessels is just like the authentic cauldrons for brandy boiling used by our ancestors. Those cauldrons have special silver filters which provide the clean, mild flavor and rich grape aroma of the rakia/brandies.

The wines and the brandies of "Vinprom Karnobat" mature in more than 2 500 barrels made of oaks from Stara Planina Mountain, Strandzha Mountain, France and America. Favorite of millions of Bulgarians, the "Karnobat grape brandy" matures in the unique cornel barrels made by the best local coopers. Those barrels can only be seen in the cellars of Karnobat winery. Few people know that cornel is the most suitable wood for the aging of brandy made from the typical Bulgarian grape varieties Tamianka, Red Muscat, Pamid, Muscat Ottonel and Rkatsiteli as its wood enriches the distillates with its specific aromas.

The exquisite classic wines CHATEAU KARNOBAT age in French barrels delivered to the wine house of Karnobat from the region of Bordeaux. The elegant grape variety Chardonnay matures in barrels made of American oak. All the barrels are annually renewed to ensure the high quality and richness in taste and aroma of the wines and the brandies.