Karnobatska Otlejala rakia

Karnobatska Otlejala rakia is a modern, matured rakia produced as a blend of aromatic and non-aromatic grape varieties. It is characterized by sophistication, delicacy and exceptional harmony in aroma and taste. Premium rakia, suitable for a gift, personal or business, as well as for gatherings with friends, and for dinner in a narrower, intimate circle...


Type: grape rakia

Alcohol content: 40%vol

Varietal composition: Muscat Ottonel, Chardonnay, Ugni Blanc

Color: saturated golden yellow

Aroma: jasmine, vanilla, milk chocolate, toasted almonds and well-balanced wood

Taste: complex, rich, soft, with a long multi-layered finish

Maturing: minimum 3 years in oak barrels