Karnobatska Grape Rakia

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The Karnobatska Grape Rakia is the only rakia on the Bulgarian market which achieves its unique purity by the power of an ancient Christian rite. The secret is the silver cross which the technologists of "Vinprom Karnobat" every year dunk in the cauldrons right after the rakia's boiling. Thus the rakia is purified to perfection and gets part of the sanctity of the Christian relic. Silver is the perfect natural way to eliminate residue in the most eco-friendly way and to give the rakia purity, rich taste and strong grape aroma. Today, "Vinprom Karnobat" uses the power of the precious metal in the form of special silver filters installed in the boiling containers. The key to the wonderful features of the "Karnobatska Grape Rakia” is the two unique local wine grape varieties Tamianka and Red Muscat. The Tamianka grape variety has been grown for thousands of years in Karnobat. It gives the superior flavor of the rakia and enriches it with colorful tinges of boxwood, geranium, rose and cloves. The Red Muscat makes the taste strong and rich. The rakia matures for months in unique dogwood barrels that can only be seen in the cellars of the "Vinprom Karnobat".

Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2018
Silver medal
International Wine and Spirits Competition London 2017
Bronze medal
Vinaria 2011
Bronze medal & Honorary diploma
Vinaria 2003
Honorary diploma